Goat Yoga @ Barnyard Buddies

Join us for a fun and playful yoga class with baby fainting goats!

Upcoming Events

September 4th – Goat Yoga Class
September 6th – Goat Yoga Class
September 8th – End of Year Celebration

Check back for more dates throughout the summer!

Gooooooaaat Yoga! Are you in for the new trend?

Question: what happened first? Yoga or Goat Yoga? It’s really hard to say knowing that people in ancient times did yoga in open space, mostly outside. Probably, while they did yoga, a cute baby goat climbed on their backs and jumped around. What we know for certain is that Goat Yoga exists and it happens even at our Barnyard Buddies Farm. Have you seen it? If you still can’t put your head around the Goat Yoga trend, check out our video done in collaboration with the OmKai Yoga team.

Why is Goat Yoga so appealing?

Most of us live in urban areas with little access to green spaces and animal interactions. We either don’t have the time, budget or energy to jump in the car and look for some nature oasis where we can socialize and learn new things about animals while we relax.

Goat Yoga invites people to take a break from the city life and enjoy a natural, peaceful retreat. Yoga is a thousand years old tool for relaxation, mind and body harmony so there is no question about the benefits that yoga will bring to you. Combine yoga with a group of baby goats and you have a relaxing time in union with nature and a good laugh guaranteed.

Barnyard Buddies Farm updates the Yoga Practice

Among the beautiful and healthy goats of common breeds, we also have the funny and interesting Fainting Goat breed. We give the best care and harmonious nurturing to the Miniature Fainting Goat breed, which is also IFGA certified. This particular breed faints because they have a genetic condition, totally harmless to them, called “myotonia congenital” which causes them to freeze when they are excited or startled. At Barnyard Buddies Farm, you will see them playing and having fun and sometimes…fainting. We are proud of our happy, fun-loving herd!

When you commit to a yoga practice in nature, surrounded by playful fainting goats, you are 100% convinced that you will have a wonderful time. You can join our Fainting Goat Yoga classes anytime!

Why do we support the Goat Yoga movement?

We live in a fast-consuming world. We are hasty in relationships, we hurry to our workplace, we run to eat, and we hurry our children to play and so on. The team at Barnyard Buddies believes that the “Goat Yoga” movement can bring peace and rest to our speed-up lives. During Goat Yoga we take time for ourselves and we also learn to pay attention to important aspects around us: nature, animals, friends and family. Since we spend most of our time in nature, around animals, we are 100% sure of the benefits of the “Goat Yoga” and we can only invite you to give it a try.

So gather up your friends and family, book a Goat Yoga class at Barnyard Buddies and reserve a wonderful time for fun and health!

Our herd is waiting impatiently to meet you!

See you soon!

This class is open to all-levels and the yoga sequence will be a very grounded practice offering more eye-level attention with the goats! Must be at least 14 years old to attend the yoga class. Must purchase a ticket in order to attend the event. Limited tickets available.

This class will be held in a hay barn so please be aware of that if you are allergic to hay. Also, be aware of what you wear to the farm with the hay, dirt, and animals. Please bring a yoga mat you don't mind getting a little dirty and wearing clothes you don't mind getting a little dirt or mud on.